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Saturday, December 1, 2012

First Snow (a poem)

First Snow
Written December 1st, 2012
Morning light blinding bright
Through a frost crackled window
Split the shades; could it be?
Tufts of grass sprinkled across a white sea
Trees gently frosted like cakes
Sugar snow layered over frozen arms
Icy fingers reaching for a dappled cloudy sky

A moment so stunning and silent,
So perfect and delicate
Are the diamond sparkles across the snow
You hold your breath
For fear of shattering the whole fragile scene
With a gust of air too forceful
Finally let out a sigh
As a brilliant red cardinal flutters by
Breaking the stillness

Step out into a new world
So beautiful, but so cold,
It knocks the warmth from your lungs
A small shiver, eyes now wide awake
Lights lined along icicled eaves
Splash childhood colors across pristine snow
You leave the first footprints along the front walk
Brush off the car, breath rising in puffs
Engine starts slow, sputtering in the crackling cold
Drive along a quiet winding road
Through winter woodlands dripping in snow
Garlanded in ice
And speckled with red berries and birds
A scene from a postcard
You can feel your heart beating

Everything has vanished by noon
Sun shines on a muddled green-brown world
Soft pattering of water drips
Puddles pooled in the rivets of the road
All that’s left
Are stubborn white freckles on the shoulder
A smile in your heart, and
Snowflakes dancing in your veins
As you drive homeward. 

Inspired when I woke up this morning and discovered a winter wonderland outside my window before leaving to do some community service. It had been snowing on and off, but today was the first day it stuck. Perfectly situated on December 1st! I found it delightfully challenging to describe that delicate, breathtaking beauty of a world covered in a fresh layer of sparkling, fairy-tale snow.

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