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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Drop of Water (a poem)

A Drop of Water

I am a little drop of water
Falling from the sky,
In a thunderstorm,
And I land in a stream,
Which gets wider and turns into a river,
Where boats ride past me
And the other water droplets
Until the water comes to a waterfall,
The boats branch off to another part of the river,
And I keep going
And fall of the edge,
With all the other water drops
And I am flying with my comrades
Until I land at the bottom
And we pick up speed,
My friends and I,
While we watch people
Watching us
As we flash by in a heartbeat
Until suddenly I am emptied into a bigger water body;
A beautiful bay
Where I sparkle under the sun,
But it doesn't end there,
the other water drops and I keep going
As we find a current
But the sun gets hotter,
And there are no clouds to block its rays,
And I get boiling hot
I become air and I am lifted to the sky
Leaving all of my friends behind,
I want to cry,
But I am evaporated
And the clouds collect me
And carry me away,
Until I become water again
And I am falling to the ground
But I land plunk
Into a stream againAnd once more I am happy,
Maybe this time around
I'll make it to the ocean