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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Texting Conversation with a Friend (discussion, thoughts)

June 15th, 2011
My friend and I were having a discussion about homosexuality after he said he didn't agree with it, mostly due to, it seemed, his religious beliefs. I do not intend to exploit him or make him look bad by posting about this, I simply wanted to share it. My friend does not, as he said, have a problem with gays and lesbians themselves, as people, but the choice they made. I discussed with him how we think homosexuality comes about; whether it's natural, influenced, or a choice. I think that, depending on the situation, it could be natural or a choice. My friend doesn't think it can be natural. His stance was it is a choice, or if it appears to start from a young age then it was mostly likely influenced by something in the child's life. I think influence can definitely play a huge role, but I believe that there is something in the brain or genetics that can make these influences more, well influential to these certain people than to others. I'm sure there will be lots of scientific studies about this in the future, and I know there are some now even, and I'm anxious to see the results. We also discussed why it was that homosexuality is wrong, based on his beliefs. I would like to share a specific part of the conversation we had. Please feel free to comment on it and leave your thoughts on the subject.

F= friend
M= me

F: The pursuit of happiness isn't always right though, the reason I believe it to be wrong is simply because of the Bible, that's all I need.
M: And this is where my beliefs on tolerance come in... In this day and this society I think it's really important, because everyone is dabbling in new cultures and new beliefs and trying to be different. We're past slavery, past the Holocaust, past witch trials, (at least in this country) and reaching an age of greater understanding. People came to and settled America because they were sick of being oppressed for their beliefs, and thus this country was built on freedom and rights. I believe pursuing a religion is a personal path that you decide, and shouldn't be applied to other people, only to yourself. God is the only one who can judge, yes? And as humans it's our choice to follow what we think will put us on His good side. And the Bible was written by Jesus' apostles? Correct me if I'm wrong, the Bible isn't my forte. But they weren't God. There's no proof they translated His word exactly, and in the end it's up to God to decide, not us. If you've led a truly good life, no matter who you've loved, why would He have any reason to reject you? 
F: Well the Bible says (Jesus speaking) there is no way to the father but by me, meaning that the only way to go to heaven is to believe in God, and I agree that we shoudn't be judging but I believe the only way to go to heaven is to believe in Jesus and that he was the son of god and died for our sins, so why wouldn't I want to tell other people about it? Not judging but informing.
M: There are many different ways of believing in God. Mikey was Christian, and accepted Jesus Christ as his savior. But he was also bisexual.
F: If he truly believed Jesus was God's son and accepted him as his savior, then he is in heavan, but the only one who can truly know the state of his heart is God.

Another thing we didn't discuss, but looking back on the conversation I'd like to touch on, is the part where he said so why wouldn't I want to tell other people about it? Not judging but informing. Personally, I think you should wait to be asked to 'inform' your religious views on another person, or perhaps if you're on the topic of religion in a conversation. Just coming out and saying it can often make the reciever feel as if you're down-playing their beliefs and ideals because the informer thinks they're wrong. Often, these can turn into arguments. I've been in them before, and they're never fun.

What do you think?