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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hear the Thunder (a poem)

Hear the Thunder
Written April 9th, 2013
Can you hear the thunder roar
Pounding loud on your door?
Rain, rain, dances aground,
Lightning flashes without a sound
The storm will knock your door down.

Can you hear the thunder growl
As the wind rushes by with a howl?
Rain, rain, lashes in the fray
Lightning darts across the grey
The storm will sweep your house away.

Can you hear the thunder fade?
With the silence of midnight it trades
Rain, rain, soft above
Singing a sweet melody of love
Bringing thoughts of the one you dream of.

Can you hear the world in slumber
And green shoots bursting forth from umber?
Drip, drop, off the trees
Shiver as the night begins to freeze
You’re so lonely, it brings you to your knees.

After a long absence from creative writing, it felt really good to sit down and write a poem. This was inspired by our first spring time thunderstorm. I wrote the poem shortly after the storm had faded away. The poem touches on the romanticism of storms, and how they instill the desire to have a loved one with you. The third stanza hints at it, and the fourth stanza brings it out in full with the final line, which speaks of overpowering loneliness brought on by the storm.
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