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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Light in the Fog (a poem)

The Light in the Fog
Written June 20th, 2011
I can see you there
Shimmering somewhere in the shifting abyss
Inviting me with little hands
Materializing, then with a twirl disappearing
Leaving my heart warm
And my cheeks full with a smile
I hang on to this flickering daydream
Like the sunshine dancing on the ocean waves

I imagine a voice sweet as a river of honey
Calling my name- a title
Only you can call me
Your laughter will be a waterfall
Thundering down a valley; unstoppable
Carving into hearts, just as the water
Melds and shapes the stone
The cool refreshing spray
Alighting on the cheeks of passerby
Your smile will match the sunlight
Warm and full of life
Occasionally the clouds will hide it
But they are just clouds; they never stay for long
Gypsies of the sky
Moving like the stars
You’ll dance laps around my heart
And light up my world in the deepest dark
Glowing with your own inner flame

I hope I will have the patience
To help you channel your boundless energy
Into the passions and actions
That will make you unique
More so than any fingerprint ever could
I hope I remember
To always hug you
Like it’s the last one
And I will hold your hand
Until you push it away
Because you don’t need me anymore

I will give you my mother’s understanding
And my father’s guidance
Her love of people
And his love of nature’s quiet
Just maybe I’ll give you
A little piece of me too
To take with you as you grow
Stretching up on tip-toe to reach the moon
Like you once did to get the cookie jar
I just hope that piece is worthy-
Worthy for the puzzle that is you

In this quiet niche in the world
Where I contemplate life’s wonders-
Including you-
I consider the sphere of space
Floating above my abdomen
You’re already there
Waiting for that spark
That you will seize and give fire to
Just waiting to fill that bubble
With your endless plain of potential

I can see you there
A dazzling light in the undulating fog
I can’t quite make out the details
For with every step I take
The future; it shifts and changes; rippling
But yes, you are there
And I am here
Someday… someday we shall meet
Two planets in orbit
Passing by

Accompanying music:
Capri- Colbie Caillat
Bella's Lullaby- Carter Burwell
There Goes My Life- Kenny Chesney

Also, a special thank you to Ann Winters and her poem "Night Light", which offered me inspiration to write this today when it appeared on my English final.

p.s This is my 100th post :)