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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Come Home to You (a poem)

Come Home to You
Written on June 12th, 2013
When I was a child

In days I cannot remember

I dreamt of planting flowers on the moon
As I looked up into the night sky
In early September.

I envisioned a career in agriculture
Working long, gratifying days,
I dreamt of artistry and sculpture
A menagerie of colors and paints.
As a veterinarian, I would mend and heal
Make loving pets out of the sick and faint.

After many years I finally found
My lifelong passion, my ultimate dream:
Speaking my words without a sound
The paper, pen, and I make quite a team.

Write for hours, write all day,
Ideas and speeches and stories
Conjure lands far, far away
Write until I’m blue in the face
Change the world, one word at a time
Make my mark and find my place.

These aspirations are far from simple
They build complex highways in my head
Consume my heart, my time
They’ll take me across the globe
Perhaps, up and past the stars.

Now, after a lifetime of dreaming,
I think I’ll dream some more
After a day of traveling across the world
And chronicling my time in outer space,
I’ll dream of our front door
And opening it upon your shining face.

I fill up my agenda, every second
Because I want to change the world
Always busy, I smile when I think
How our love has unfurled.
At the end of my forever days
I will come home, and you’ll be waiting
To kiss the tears and stress away.

After all my years of dreaming-
The dreams that got away
The dreams that came true-
I have one last beautiful dream:

Every night,
Come home to you.