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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Beneath the Fairy Lights (a poem)

Beneath the Fairy Lights
Written December 20th, 2011
The soft fairy lights
Make the midnight room glow
Like the love of a heart
Or an infant’s smile
The wall is sprinkled with rainbow reflections
And the shadows of the dim room
Hold no malice

Wrapped in the comforting season,
A child lies in soft slumber
The glittering colors
Alighted softly on his cheek
As if brought by the soft sigh
Of a passing breeze
His eyelids flutter with dreams

When the shy rays of dawn
Settle on the frosted windowsill
His mother will lift him
From his warm bundle of blankets
She will watch him with eyes full of love
While they sit together in the fairy lights
As he reaches for the shiny, candy sweet paper
That hides unnamed treasures

Breathless with excitement.