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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wishing for Sleep (a poem)

Wishing for Sleep
Written January 5th, 2012
How I wish I could sleep at night
But my waking dreams keep my eyes wide
And the stars shine so bright
Tires hiss on wet pavement
Passing like tumbling leaves, a phantom sigh
The music spins and twirls with the shadows
Singing with the lonely midnight train that calls goodbye

How I wish I could sleep at night
So worn out from a crowded day
That made my mind so dusty and numb
And changed my feet to sore old men
Yet energy still flows in my veins with a soft hum
I see snippets of the future on paths unchosen
Scattered across starry skies and stormy oceans

How I wish I could sleep at night
But my head is bursting with you
My ears full of a voice of warm velvet
A smile so wide and eyes so blue
I remember the heat of your touch today
And dream of the flames of tomorrow
A familiar wandering spirit fills my heart again

How I wish I could sleep at night
As I watch new pathways unfold
Meandering in random trails from my eyes
Twisting, curling, splitting to destinations untold
My future is full of messy intersections and noisy interstates
Laden in a mystic morning fog
You’ve been adding more roads since you first reached for me

How I wish I could sleep at night
While anxiety buzzes in my toes
Fear slithers in my stomach
Correlating with the way my adoration grows
As I believe more with each passing day
That you’d rather hold on that let go
Leaving me to smash in deceived pieces across the floor

The icy moon sings to me
Lighting up fields of snow to sparkle
As far as the eye can see
The promise of your arms soothes a troubled soul
The phantom of your lips thaws a jumbled mind
The memories of your voice a sweet lullaby
It is time to succumb to sleep; the day is done

And if you promise to be there in the morning
I’ll continue to rise each day with the sun