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Friday, April 13, 2012

Please Smile (poem)

Please Smile
Written April 12th, 2012
My sweet angel
With eyes so bright
Please don’t cry
Have no worries tonight
I’ll always be at your side
No need to ask why
Please smile; joyous and wide

My sweet angel
With hands so soft
Please don’t cry
Let me wipe the tears
From your grey-blue eye
My heart is yours
To keep through all the years
That you have chosen me
Fills me with pride
Look at me, handsome one
Please smile; joyous and wide

My sweet angel
With arms so safe
Please don’t cry
Feel the warmth in my touch
And the sincerity on my lips
Know that I love you so much
The attraction in your eye
Your touch on my hips
With me any secret
You can confide
Please smile; joyous and wide

My sweet angel
With love so warm
There’s no need to cry
Through all the sunshine
And days of pouring rain
I’ll want you as mine
And save for growing bigger
My love will remain the same
Until your affections begin to wane
My life’s efforts
Will always be applied
To making you smile

Joyous and wide

A poetic promise to someone special.