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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Satisfaction, Shared (a poem)

Satisfaction, Shared
Written June 18th, 2013

The pit was filled briefly.
Alas, now emptier
Than before.
How foolish of me;
I curl up in the sheets.

He says nothing,
Although he must sense
My disappointment.
He only has time
To ponder his own contentment.

He has no touches for me
Why would he?
His touches are fulfilled
But I, I am
I was filled materially
But drained emotionally.

Again, I am empty
While he naps,
A cream-fed cat.
Maybe next time,
I think.
Nevermind, I always bank
On next time.

All this, I knew
But would not admit
When I began anew
Giving trust
To you.

Was it all desire?
I believe
There was some need
As I nestled myself
Into your sheets,
Peering through
Butterfly eyelashes;
Persuading, charming.

You filled me.
I remembered the shock
As you spread into
Every crevice,
Every corner:
To the tips of my hair,
Under fingernails,
Deep into the ear canal,
Arches of my heels,
And into the arteries
Tangled in my heart.

You filled me,
And when all was done,
You held me.
We shared our
Misgivings, too-
Tickling whispers
Childish giggles.
You still had touches
Leftover, just for me,
And you did not succumb
To fatigue’s clutches,

For you are no cat.
No grinning wolf.
You are an eagle
In noble flight.

I forgot his touch
When his fingers receded.
Now, my skin still burns
In the places you were:
You were the first
To fill me
Materially and emotionally.

Satisfaction, shared.