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Monday, September 10, 2012

Adrift (a poem)

Written September 9th, 2012

My dreams shift
Mirages on a desert horizon
My heart adrift
Try to understand
The elusive wolves in the woods
Flickering between trees
Just flashes
Of eyes and teeth

Some nights
I plunge and shatter
Broken chips of bones across the rocks
Lakes of blood, yet;
Impossibly alive
When the rain falls
And rocks me to sleep
I’m stitched back together
A little voodoo doll
I walk among lands
With silver nights
Starry lakes
And mystics with soul-eyes
Landscapes too beautiful to paint

And sometimes; to remember

My heart shifts
Exotic jungle dances
My dreams a drift
Try to understand
The motive for joy
Playing on your sweet lips
Flickering like snapshots of the past
Through the days
And the forecast on your mind

Intrigued by future’s allure
My mind wanders at dawn
Through misty forests
Down thin winding paths
(Some go nowhere for hours)
I try to find you
Among millions of leaves
On the floor of the stream
Under pebbles
Or flying in the sky
Among breaks in the canopy

Sometimes I see you
Glowing in sunlit hues
Among the lively forest din
Sometimes I meander, scraped and bruised
Alone, crying, sobs echoing back
From utter silence

At night I walk the desert
Drunk on mirages
In day I travel the forest
Charting new discoveries
All the while
Watching, waiting, trying
For your smile
A kiss on my skin
Your hand printed on my soul

I walk, I wander
Dreams shift
Heart adrift