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Monday, September 10, 2012

Principals Are People Too! (a poem)

Principals Are People Too!
Written April 21st, 2012
Such a dark, scary man
That lays in wait
In a shadowy room of doom
At the end of the hall
Since we were just wee children
We feared the call:
“Principal’s office!”

Surely in our heads
As we walked that walk
Of impending reprimand and shame
We pictured a tall spidery man
With beady accusing eyes
Behind authoritative spectacles
That magnify his angry glare
Crouched in his torture chamber
Waiting for us there.

Imagine our surprise!
To see a normal man
With a smile and friendly eyes!
Bustling about a bright,
Charmingly messy office
Much like any other
And he wants not to expel you
From his school on some accusation
But rather congratulate you
For some prideful consummation.

As you leave his office
With a smile on your face
You wonder how your friends will react
Upon learning he’s not from outer space!
The principal is a person too!

Say hi to him in the hall
And listen to his responding call
If you take the time as you walk
To greet him and have a talk
You might be surprised to find
He too has interests and opinions in mind
Instead of boarding a mothership from above
At the day’s end he returns to a family full of love

I’m sorry to change your world
With this ground-breaking news,
I know it’s strange, even revolutionary,
But it’s true:

Principals are people too!