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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Ice Tyrant (a poem)

The Ice Tyrant
Written October 5th, 2011
The mighty trees burst into flames
Their last stand as forest warriors
Against the sweeping shadows cast by the Ice Queen
Leaves of ember rain upon the ground
And a vibrant wildfire spreads abound
Across the rolling, tumbling hills
Reaching the distant glowing horizon
The warriors crash like a firework meteor
Lighting up the world before descending into brown

A frozen moon looms victorious
In a night full of shivering stars;
The Queen’s flag fluttering in triumph
Her Icy Majesty rises with the sun
Wither her crackling blue grace she pirouettes
Across the fields of silken grass that she has won
Leaving behind trails of souvenir diamonds
That glitter and flicker in the dawn light
Releasing atmospheres of creeping fog

Raising a scepter of frosted lightning
She summons armies of ashen clouds
Smothering the sun’s fiery reinforcements
And they release soft q-tip fluffs
That spiral in whimsical drifts down to earth
Her Frozen Majesty’s musical laugh cracks the air
She knows she’s imprisoned us behind orange hearths
As we desperately flee the crystals
Paralyzing our blue-tinted lungs

The Queen will sing her devastating siren song
Clutching the land in her cold spider fingers
Until her last drift of crystal white is evaporated and gone
And brave new soldiers burst forth
From the branches of their fallen martyred brethren
The stunning Lady Green glows like an imploding emerald
As the first timid life spurts from ice-burnt soil
She sings their shimmering souls to overgrown vibrancy
And luscious vines crawl across the Ice Queen’s eerie deep grave