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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Little Brother (a poem, a dedication)

Little Brother
Written September 18th, 2011
Little brother
Chase me around the house
Jump and tackle
Trying to take me down
Push my homework
Out of your way
Scatter papers across the floor
Unplug my game
Right when I was about to win
Then stand there and look at me
With that lopsided grin
Steal my spot
Eat my food
Get me in trouble
Baby brother; so annoying and rude

Baby brother
Hug my tears away
When I come home
From a long awful day
Always there to greet me
When I come through the door
More enthusiastic
Than the day before
You love the little things
And soak up the simple life
Sometimes, at the end of the night
When I’m curled up with sleep in sight
You jump up next to me
And snuggle into my side
Little brother; so happy and bright

This is dedicated to my baby brother, Balthazaar. If you don't understand who I'm talking about in the poem, you may think of a person. But the subject of this poem is really my labrador retriever. He may as well be a person, and he is definitely my little brother.