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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Seasonal Spirit (a poem)

Seasonal Spirit
Written October 1st, 2011
The cold surrounds a small house
Moving in with surprising, silent speed
Fingers of frost reach across the window pane
A warm orange glow radiates from the other side
A family gathered around a friendly hearth
Holding back the cold and keeping it tame
With mugs of steaming cocoa at their side
And loaves of toasty pumpkin bread
Fresh from the stove; they keep good mirth

The children huddle on the floor of blankets
Proud parents on the couch holding each other
Looking on with a quiet smile
The cat perches on a shoulder
And the large dog squeezes into a lap
As they smile and laugh they seem not to notice
That outside it only gets colder

Down the icy street
At a quaint café,
The waitress gives a cup of cocoa away
Paying out of her own pocket
For a ragged, shivering man
Who couldn’t possibly have bought it

A young boy grumbles as he shuffles outside
Asked to shovel the path once more
He hates the cold
And loathes the task
Yet with a small smile,
He remembers the old lady next door
He clears her driveway too
Without his parents even having to ask

As we grow older
With aches and pains
The winter just becomes colder
Yet still we’ve made of it a hearty season
Homemade delights and warm fires
Mistletoe giving that boy a reason
To finally kiss that girl with who he wishes to retire
This spirit we have created
Just to give and love
Perhaps that’s why we open up to our fellow man
Without the sun to warm us any longer
We try to find it within one another

Both "Seasonal Spirit" and "Waiting on the Shore" were written at the craft show I went to at Hunt Country Winery. "Waiting on the Shore" was inspired by events of the previous night and "Seasonal Spirit" by the people I interacted with at the craft show.