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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Montville Falls (review, rating)

Montville Falls
Moravia, NY
Hiked: September 25th, 2011
Reviewed: October 2nd, 2011
Interaction: 5 stars
Scenery: 4 stars
Diversity: 2 stars
Accessability: 2 stars
Size: small
Overall: 4 stars

This is an exhilarating, interactive hike that is about ninetry percent creek-walking with no defined trail. However, it is ranked as a difficult hike, and rightfully so. The hiker accesses Mill Creek through on of two cemetaries. We reached it via Section 9 of Indian Mound Cemetary, and began our descent near a large tombstone labeled C.A. Parker.

 Indian Mound Cemetary entrance

 Mushrooms near where we parked in the cemetary :)
Getting down the hill to Mill Creek is a workout. A previous hiker left an elastic rope behind, tied to a tree, and its a big help in assisting the climb up and down the steep hill. I would not suggest this adventure for young children, the elderly, or the handicapped. It's not worth the risk.
 Looking down from the cemetary's edge
Mill Creek, at the foot of the hill

From there on out, it's mostly creek walking. To reach Montville falls, head upstream. Use watershoes and wear shorts or pants that can be rolled up. Do not attempt this barefoot; it's very slippery, and no matter how graceful you are it's a twisted ankle waiting to happen.

 At this fork in Mill Creek, hang right. I'm not sure if the left takes you somewhere else.
 The trip to the falls is a relatively short hike, but still fun and beautiful. It took us between twenty and thirty minutes to reach them.
Montville Falls themselves are breath taking, and you can get right up to them and even climb partially up the cliff  (using caution, of course). There's a perfect swimming hole at the foot of the falls, and if we had come during the summer, I'm sure we would have used it. It seems like the perfect little swim spot for a couple in a romantic movies. The feel of the refreshing spray is enchanting.
 Montville Falls

 At the foot of the falls
 These two waterfalls join at the bottom
 The swimming hole
 Up close
 Facing away from the falls, back in the direction from which we came
This is an excursion for the adventurous, for the thrill seeker looking for something unforgettable. Montville Falls are stunning, and I wish we'd had the time to stay longer. The entire hike, to the falls and back, if you're on a time crunch, can be completed in forty-five minutes to an hour. For the sake of waterflow, it is apparently best to visit in late summer or early fall. 
Faith was here :) 

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