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Friday, November 4, 2011

The Love of a Friend (a poem)

The Love of a Friend
Written November 4th, 2011
In the times where life takes the guise
Of an endless hell
When I’ve reached my wit’s end
And my frustration continues to swell
In those moments when I’m beyond stressed
I can still smile and carry on
And say that I’m truly blessed

You reach for me with a wide embrace
And in a world of hurt and anger
I know that within your arms is a safe place
On days when I wonder if all I’m working for
Is worth my while
There are memories that lift me up and carry me,
Memories of your joyous smiles

On the darkest days, when I hit my wall
I know I can count on you, I know you’ll be there
To catch me when I fall
I have big dreams and I love who I am
I keep my head high and grow stronger every day
If you were not here, if we’d never met,
I know it would not be this way

On the nights with little sleep
I have memories of our times together
Little pick-me-ups that I save and keep
I owe my every success to you,
You made me unique, you made me me
Without your encouraging love and care
I simply could not be

This poem was written for all of my friends, for the ones that make me smile and laugh and feel like everything will turn out okay, no matter what. You are the ones who pick me up when I'm down, you're the ones who've collectively made me who I am. I love you, and I owe you so much. Don't ever forget that, I know that I'm here to return the favor you've given me.