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Friday, November 4, 2011

Oblivion (a poem)

Written October 30th, 2011
The music fills the air around me
I can see the beat pulsing free
The particles vibrating
Dancing, quaking, shaking in time
Pupils dilate
Fingers tap, feet thump

The sound waves flood my ears
And smash through my drums
Fill my head and embrace my brain
The rhythm singes the synapses
And sets fire to my burning neurons
I shiver as electric currents
Sizzle down my spine

A cascade of tones and keys
Invade my bloodstream
And my veins throb with the beat
I can feel the notes bonding
Fusing with my red blood cells
The sweet infection blooms
From the tips of my fingers
To the ends of my toes

Plugged into the music
It fills me
Surrounds me
And replaces the oxygen in my lungs
I drift into peaceful oblivion

Music gives me purpose
Music gives me life

This poem describes how I feel when I listen to techno/dubstep