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Friday, November 4, 2011

We Won't Give Up (a poem)

We Won't Give Up
Written October 26th, 2011
The forest glows with color
Filling our eyes with vibrant yellows
The air around us full of cascading leaves
Our laughter rises with the soft earth aromas
A sweet misty rain falls upon us
Racing through the trees
We burst into our awaiting refuge
Before we turn blue and freeze

The house creaks beneath our feet
Our delighted chatter echoes down the halls
The smell of old books fills the rooms
Paintings of summer cover the walls
A friendly warmth spreads and glows
Encompassing our hearts
And chasing the frost from the windows

Late at night on the porch
A chill wind flies
And the lake kisses the shore
Whispering of love and hope
The trees sigh softly as the sleep
Swaying contentedly in their dreams
The moon climbs higher
On the lake surface her lovely face gleams

Here in this autumn refuge
Standing quietly by the lake shore
We hide away from the world
In a few days we’ll forge friendships
That last into the future evermore
Here in our forest Eden
We forget there is hate and war
Raging across the world
Like a hurricane wildfire
Our lives are filled with smiles
From when we wake until we retire
We sleep without dreams,
Eager to rise and start a new day

When we depart from these inviting doors
Return home and scatter
This refuge will fall silent
The walls no longer ringing with our chatter
All that will be left
Are traces of memories in the dark dusty corners
Caught up in spider webs
And a few items forgotten that stayed behind
The house will cherish them
Until someone comes and makes the find

Our bubble of safety will burst
When we emerge from our woodland hideaway
We will re-enter a world
Where selfishness comes first
War rages, and murder is child’s play
The evils we forgot will shock us
A bolt of frozen lightning
We will weep as our hearts fill with dismay
But we will carry on
For we know it is our mission
To spread the peace and love we shared
To lift the weak and make them strong

On the days when the infinite universe
Perches on our weary shoulders
We will remember fondly the time
We gathered in the lakeside refuge
Our spirits will travel there
And waltz through the door
They will be cherished and warmed
And sent back ready for more

We won’t give up
We’ll change the world
One life at a time
We’ll remain strong
And our love will carry on

This poem was inspired by my experience at Natural Helpers, and it is dedicated to all the amazing people I stayed with and became close with at Natural Helpers :) I wrote this while I was there.