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Friday, April 13, 2012

(Dear Marius) Celebrating February on Easter (a poem)

Dear Marius
Celebrating February on Easter
Written April 10th, 2012
The sky is drawn up in pastels
And the wind carries a gentle chorus
Of chocolate coated childhood laughter
This colorful young day last year
You slipped from my grasp
We frolicked one last blissful time
Before you disappeared on a musical wind

It’s been so long since our eyes last met
And I saw the symphony in your iris
A dancing green of fertile life
Such a layer of foggy dust
Has nestled on my candy-sweet memories
That I no longer ask why you left

Did you ever exist?

The perfection of a jovial imagined friend
Glowing with the beauty of Saturn’s rings
Seems a definition that could fit you well
Yet a devoted layer of nostalgic ink
Is a physical memory nestled in my skin
This is my proof that you graced the Earth
With your heart full of infinite joyous song

The piano still plays for me on soft pastel days.