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Friday, April 13, 2012

Premature Rose (a poem)

Premature Rose
Written April 12th, 2012

A twisted malformed highway meanders inside
Coated in shattered glass and broken things
My legs are strong and carry me in stride
In my pretty head a free mind gives me wings

Elegant skin glows with soft sunlight
A picture of fortune and health on the outside
Yet on this paper I finally speak of a fright
I feel when the twists and pains leer on the inside

I grit my teeth, pretend it’s not there
I may as well run from my shadow at dusk
There’s no place I can go beyond its stare
I fear the inner scent of death and musk

When that spark in me seizes and grows
Will he drag across the broken glass roads
For me to shed premature in a flood of rose
Leaving me empty and alone to write mournful odes?

With wide supple hips I am so fertile and robust
Yet these menacing inner pains make me fear
That truly I am constructed of twisted dead rust
I will walk strongly on without a single tear

Until I must face that awful truth at last
When I find my arms empty in some distant year