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Monday, April 16, 2012

A Little Extra Spice (a poem)

A Little Extra Spice
Written April 16th, 2012
She’s not so different from me-
I mean –
Look at our grades
We study;
Diligent students
We dress tastefully,
Elegant and sharp
…with a little leg
And our hair is long
Silken brunette waves
Hers is a bit more curly- wild
But I guess that’s the symbol
Of what sets us

She laughs like a mystic moonbeam
Invites with smoldering eyes
Marked with a mischief gleam
She walks with a confidant step
Sure of herself, beautifully free
Her lips blossomed and wet

She holds his arm
Like a lady
Very delicate, classy-
But I see her fearlessly sneak
A grab, a slap, a touch
And she kisses him with a burning
That I yearn for so much

And I think:
“She’s not so different from me”
Yet her life is brimming
With sweet love
A perfect mixture of
Commitment and play
Her skin is alive with sensation
Her lusts and instinctive desires
Are passionately fulfilled-
And even overflow-
That wild, seductive hair of hers
I know
Is the symbol
Of our difference
Of her success
(My failure)

She effortlessly exudes
Such confidence, delightful purpose
I rise early each morning
To apply some smooth powder
Give my pale cheeks a blush
My plain eyes a pop
But she-
She sleeps longer
Her only routine:
Letting her hair down

I am pretty-
Truly! I am!
Pretty like her
Maybe I even have
A shadow, a hint
Of sexy
Yet I have never felt
The burning touch of a man
The brush of soft lips
And here I am!
On the brink of womanhood!

I flaunt my looks
But she-
She exhibits charisma
Starts fires with her
Exotic spark
She is so vibrant, tempting
And I, well I
Am just so shy
So cautious, so…

I lack that excitement
Men seek to gain
That extra little spice
To make the bread rise
To inspire commitment, lust
…And love…