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Monday, August 1, 2011

Magic and Mystery (a poem)

Magic and Mystery
Written August 1st, 2011
Your compelling eyes; a strange marine color
Flirt with my skin
Settling on my neck, my lips, my eyes,
And then start again
Without a single drop of wine
I'm drunk, it seems
Blissfully happy, lacking complete thought
The world and its problems;
They don't matter so much today
When you and I occupy the same space
It all just fades away...
You must be a wizard
A strange inhuman being
For your fingers are charged with fire
Leaving behind a pleasant burning
Wherever they go
You're something otherworldly
A unique and shimmering soul; this I know

Perhaps you are a gypsy
You walked into this door
But it's double-hinged;
And you could just as easily leave
You scare me, and intrigue me
And it's hard to keep my guard
When you hold me this close
It won't be long now before I fall
Close my eyes and let go
I can only hope that you'll join me
Perhaps you're a genie; waiting to trick me

I see the contentment on your face
And I feel my own, bubbling in my heart
While we hide from the outside
In this soft embrace
I suspect you're an angel
But only time can tell
If I'm right or wrong
I know you must be something
For there is a strange and magical light in your eyes
Twin pools of turquoise and marine
Burning with a passion, resilient and fiery

I've made it my purpose
To unravel your mystery

For Billy <3