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Monday, August 1, 2011

Vivid Memories (a poem)

Vivid Memories
Written July 30th, 2011
I still remember your smile
Fresh as yesterday
On the face that made my days worthwhile
I recall how your eyes would dance
Whenever you looked at me
You were my risk, my one-shot chance

Still memorized; the contours of your face
So real and vivid, right before me
The feel of your sweet, safe embrace
The warm smooth texture of your skin
Remains; a phantom on my fingertips
I gave you all my secrets deep within

A free-willed gypsy, flirting with time
You danced quickly in and out of this life of mine
Filling my heart with lovely, forbidden dreams
You pieced me together, then yanked out each seam

I can still imagine those green and gold eyes
Just like everything else, I have them memorized
From all those hours spent exploring with sight, touch, and soul
You absence hit hard and took its toll

Now, you are just a memory
After all our efforts, we drifted apart in the sea
Although I still picture you clearly
You are a memory
And that's all you'll ever be.