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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Windows and Doors (a poem)

Windows and Doors
Written August 24th, 2011
As time passes by
A pool of reflections
Swells behind my eyes
The shimmering lights on the water
They are only windows of the past
And hard as I may try
I can never change them to doors

Visions of you dance in my head
Late at night, with all this time between us
I cannot sleep, for thoughts of you, it seems,
Are more appealing than dreams
I see soft careful kisses
Hold back; take your time
You never were concerned with moving too fast
I see joined hands
As we lie side by side in the grass
Just to watch clouds meander by
And to talk and smile and laugh
To look at each other and know
That we're falling in love
With only intuition; no math

And to think
I had this
And I let it pass
I let it pass
I tossed you into the wind
Setting you free
Before you ever grew wings
Now, I'm ignorant enough to hope
You'll come back to me

Do you see me
Pressed against the glass?
Watching memories
Of our deep past
Do you see me
Pounding against the glass?
Wishing this window were a door
So that I could defy time
And remake the past

But the future is full of doors
If luck wins out maybe you'll open one for me
And I'll re-enter your secret heart
And re-write my name on its cardiac walls
Right where it's meant to be

Written for someone I gave up in pursuit of greener grass... turns out the grass wasn't much greener on the other side. I've never stopped feeling guilty for hurting you. And I've never stopped feeling incredibly stupid for ending something so good.