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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Flipside (a poem)

The Flipside
Written August 25th, 2011
There’s pictures on the wall
Of my adventures far away
The maps and photos, tickets and brochures
Receipts printed in French and letters from home
It’s hard to look at it all
Without catching my breath as I remember that day

See that postcard off to the side
Along and out of the way?
Greetings from Munich
A sunset glowing behind a silhouetted city
Flip it over, there’s a message, I tried and I tried
To send it to you; but it remains here to this day

My love,
I only think of you while I’m away
You’re the one I dream of
And in my thoughts you stay
I’ve missed you from the start
When I return from my travels
You can still hold on to my heart
I can’t wait to see how this unravels
Hold onto my memory tight
I’ll see you in my dreams tonight

But here it stays, I never did send
Hanging on the wall; décor from Germany
I was a fool and let you go
I hid it from you to save the hurt
To this story, there isn’t a happy end
I’m left with only regret for company

Hold on to my memory tight
I’ll see you in my dreams tonight

I’ll hold on to your memory tight
And hope you’ll visit me in my dreams tonight