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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fade Away (a poem)

Fade Away
Written September 24th, 2011
Summer fades away
Carried off by a sweeping breeze
That sparks a tingling on my skin
And stirs a strange sensation within

The world's bright menagerie of colors
Age and descend into shades of umber
The morning air nips and the forest falls silent
As though everything is easing into slumber

I stand here and watch it all
With a weary sigh
Crumble to ash and fall
I can see the time passing by

As I watch a ceiling of stars
A meteor falls and burns up in the atmosphere
What goes up must come down
And it seems as though I am running aground

Beyond the exosphere is a vastness unending
Looking up, I know I am so small
I'm here to live and die, that's all
Time rolls on and infinity continues to grow

I hear the geese cry and watch the leaves fall
The Universe continues to change
Cyclic as the seasons; so do I
Perhaps we're not so different after all

A piece of me fades away
Carried off by the sound of the clock on the wall
That sparks a tingling on my skin
And stirs a strange sensation within