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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cold Night Craving (a poem)

Cold Night Craving
Written February 26th, 2012
Storm screaming outside
Within warm blankets I hide
Fearful of the cold

Wind howls in red rage
Desolate snow white-out falls
Pushing on house walls

Bright warm looks of love
On this night I will dream of
Escape from winter

Lonely heart aching
Yearning delights of his touch
Wanting him so much

Cold air leaves blue lips
Sad sighs rise to the ceiling
Memories reeling

Warm to my toe-tips
Place my craving on my lips
You are here at last

Each verse is a haiku. I was inspired to try this style after reading a few poems like this on Booksie. This is for my boyfriend, who's warmth I miss often on cold winter nights.