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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Imperfect Love (a poem)

Imperfect Love
Written February 8th, 2011
He is not an iron addict
With arms stacked to the hilt
Thinned out like a pancake
He has been lightly built

His eyes do not burn
With the passion of a dying sun
Rather, grayed with a touch of sapphire
And a faint spark of mischief and fun

Not colored with alluring, sensual caramel
The sought after, sun kissed tone
Instead he is sprinkled with playful freckles
Atop of the color of clean, bright bone

He lacks that smooth way with compelling words
And knows not the look that makes a heart stutter
In truth he’s quite clumsy, but when we kiss
He says it all in the way his heart flutters

The sharp, masculine smell of worn leather
That dark, woodsy aroma of pine
His skin does not emit, instead;
Something light and gentle, sweet as time

He would not have the upper hand in a fight
Nor is he handy with a gun or knife
But his head is packed with smarts and wit
Ahead of him waits a promising life

I did not order him from a magazine
He did not sweep me off my feet
There was no love upon first sight
But he’s turned out to be a lovely treat

If he had all the most ideal genes
And lived up to society’s par
He could not match the truth within himself
And he never would have become my shining star

He’s far from perfect
But he’s better than most today
Though he may not be my ultimate dream
I live in reality, and given the choice, I’d have it no other way

In the Valentine's Day spirit, we decided to do an activity in creative writing club where we wrote a not-so-typical love poem in accordance to the style of Shakespeare's "Sonnet 130". It's a great read on the truth about his mistress that many could appreciate, and I strongly suggest it. This is for my boyfriend, I hope he finds the good in it... haha ;p