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Friday, February 24, 2012

Forgetting Paradise (a poem)

Forgetting Paradise
Written February 22nd, 2012
Nestled in the depths
Of a luscious forest, overgrown
Surrounded by a ménage of sights and sounds
This should be the loveliest moment I have ever known

Yet as I lay, stretched in a bed of leaves
I keep forgetting that I’m here
In this delightful paradise of fairy dreams
How do I miss what I have so near?

Dappled sunlight falls and butterflies dance
But my eyes do not see
Cinnamon and mint and earthy aromas float
On a passing breeze that misses me

Oh, why do I rest here
Amidst such beauty, passion and spice?
When my daydreams steal me away
And I am blind to this vivid paradise

There are moments when I wake
And realize the place where I sit
My senses are overwhelmed, my heart warms
But it always fades away once more, bit by bit

Crickets conduct a wistful symphony
A musical cascade falling on my deaf ears
Crisp, refreshing night air bathes my touchless skin
The forest has only wanted my attention for all these years

I am the world’s most bumbling fool
To rest surrounded by a jungle that loves me so
And let my mind wander when I have perfection right here
I remain unmoving when I could explore and grow

Oh, the frontiers I have left untamed!
The majestic mountain peaks that remain unnamed!
There is no one but myself to be blamed,
All the crystal memories in my mind have waned

Sweet oasis, will apologies ever be enough?
For forgetting that you love me so
Perhaps I do not deserve this jungle throne
But I cannot bring myself to go

I cannot bring myself to go