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Friday, February 24, 2012

Procrastination Poem (a poem)

Procrastination Poem
Written February 24th, 2012
I do not want to do homework!
Two essays by Monday, you ask
Such a tedious, boring task
On America’s smoggy industrial histories
On top of worksheets full
Of logarithms and matrices
A paper dancing with symbols and numbers
With every new Pre-Calc term I learn
I just feel excessively dumber!

Oh, the hours I waste, toiling away
With headaches and pots of coffee to achieve
Stellar grades on material to be forgotten a year from today
I have great purple mountains
Against prismacolor sunsets on my mind
Visions of summer paradises with sparkling fountains
Begging to be written on any scrap I can find
Fantastical worlds of crystalline imagery
Powerful renditions of a childhood memory

But alas! I have homework!

I do not want to do homework!
Please complete this packet on Edgar Allen Poe
A master of written wonders, he is, I know!
I just took a book of his from the library
To read when I am free
The first to borrow it, since 1993!
Oh yes, do not doubt, I will read Poe
It is not he that is the foe
The endless packet of questions you added is the enemy!
Determined to ruin the experience for me!

Oh I retaliate!
Oh I fall into such distress!
My desire to feed my puppy a textbook, I confess!
Oh, how my heart crumbles
Listening to my pen and notebook cry
Hurt and rejected form neglect
I toss my assigned papers in the air, shouting “why, why, why!”
My future consists of expelling ink
Piles of notebooks full of my poetic muses and what I think
I’ll work to the bone to see them hit the press
My greatest dream, I must confess!

I do not want to do homework!
It drains and kills my precious time
That I could have put into this delicious dream of mine
Yet the more I despair, the more you assign!
Oh, confound you, I’ll run away!
I’ll pack my bags and go without further delay!
I’ll get off the whispering train and settle down
In a quiet, warm, friendly town
With streets full of singing bards, performers, and poets
And great vast libraries with endless collections
Next door to cozy caf├ęs for reading and reflections
Here, I’ll be at home, I know it!

I do not want to do homework,
But the truth is, if you must have it
This rhyme will not make that bottomless backpack go away
This poem is a result of my procrastinating habit
I must buckle down and spend the rest of today
On that accursed homework, dag nabbit!

And alas, my poor notebook must wait on a dusty shelf
Crying and lonely as it spends the whole rainy day by itself