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Thursday, July 7, 2011

(Dear Marius) You'll Never Know (poem by Juliette Labelle)

I want to make it absolutely clear that this is not my writing. All credit and rights go to Juliette Labelle, 100% Juliette read my work on Booksie, and was inspired to write her own piece for Michael. It is a beautiful piece and I would like to officially commend it into my Dear Marius collection.
I think it goes to say how truly special Mikey is when absolute strangers are writing pieces for him.

Here is her introduction:
I write this in honor of Micheal Hall. I never knew him, but any time a beautiful soul is taken, even strangers miss them. Ousma [Faith], I do so hope you like this. I tried to write it from your perspective. I feel like it's not as good as my usual stuff but I've no experience dealing with death.

Without further ado:
Dear Marius
You'll Never Know
By Juliette Labelle 
You'll never know the pain you caused,
By doing the right thing.
You'll never know the hole you left,
In my heart, in everything.
You'll never know how much you're missed,
When I wake up every day.
You'll never know the joy you caused,
In your own special way.

You're gone,
but you're not.
I'm here,
But you're not.

You touched my life,
and turned it to gold.
And though gold cannot rust,
I feel it tarnish,
Without your polish,
This is a feeling I trust.

You were the best thing that I could ask for,
And maybe that's too much.
There can't be too much good,
In life's balancing act.
It's a shame, it truly is,
That this is just a fact.
So I sit here now,
But I bet I know,
You're teaching angels,
To play the piano.

Juliette, thank you a million times for writing this beautiful piece. It means so so much to me. You'll never know how much. I encourage all of you who read this and were close to Michael to commment and tell her your opinion.