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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

(Raise Your Voice) Me Being Me (a poem)

Raise Your Voice
Me Being Me
Written July 12th, 2011

There’s a little car racing along
Bright paint sparkling in the sun
And a girl leaning out the passenger window
Tapping a beat on the door to a lively song
Her long hair flies back in the wind
And she has a smile
Big enough for the whole world
Enjoying something simple for a while
The people in town watch her go
And smile quietly to themselves
Remembering the infectious grin
That helped ease a deep sorrow

There’s a tiny little school
Nestled in a sleepy little town
And a girl who dances down the halls
Worried about herself over what’s cool
Shining with an aura of content
She sings her favorite songs without shame
She loves herself for who she is, and with
A spunk in her step she walks above the high school game
Her peers watch her go about her day
Handing out a million smiles
As if they’re going out of style
The love in her heart helping them on their way

There’s an army of dark clouds overhead
Dropping as much rain as they can
And a girl twirling in the street
She doesn’t want to be stuck on the couch instead
As she dances in time to the thunder
Her laughter fills the sky
Crashing through the puddles
Full of so much spirit she could fly
Her neighbors watch from the window
No longer angry about the relentless rain
They laugh and reach for their boots
And out into the so-called bad weather they go

This girl does not want attention
She’s just living life the way it was meant to be
With a heart full of vigor
And a joy for simple things
Outspoken, unique and free

This is just me being me.

I added this one to the Raise Your Voice series because it has a message of being yourself, enjoying the little things, and paying it forward. If you're happy, don't keep it to yourself. Bring smiles to other people too :) I hope you got something out of this.