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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Refuge of Night (a poem)

Refuge of Night
Written July 10th, 2011
There are no stars tonight
To help me see
They’ve left me on my own
To face this inner plight

Lost, I lay in the grass
Enjoying my quiet solitude
Tomorrow I’ll be hit with cold water
It seems I’m growing up too fast

A lonely lamppost’s light sent
To my figure, drawing a long shadow
I see my sins hiding in its black void
But life’s too short to worry about repent

I sit at the foot of a tree
A kind presence to ease my troubled heart
It will listen, even when I don’t speak
Someone to help set my mind free

In this night, I contemplate alone
The heavy silence surrounds me
Yet so loud with wisdom
Seeping into my every bone

Why am I here, hiding from the day?
You fill my mind so I can hardly think
I’m falling for you more every moment
And I need the night to tell me it’s okay.

There are no stars tonight
To help me see
They’ve left me on my own
To face this inner plight

For my boyfriend, you're warming up my heart again. It scares me... but I want to embrace it.