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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Music Hallway

Music Hallway
Written June 6th, 2011
The soft smell of old must
Hinted in the air
An aged and well-loved carpet
Tread on by generations of shoes
A troop of elderly pianos
With chipped keys from extensive use
A din of music resonates
Echoing lightly on the walls

Here, here we camp
Soaking it all in
The years of bygone memories
The traces of personalities past
Fragments of talent, left behind
Drifting in the air,
Clinging to the walls,
Sleeping in the shadows;
You just have to look with your heart
We rest here, absorbing
An escape from the fast-paced world
A time to rest, heal, and create
A second home to wandering young souls
Just trying to find a place

This is the Music Hallway.

A tribute to the music hallway at my high school, where so many teenagers, including me, just love to be. It's like a light to moths.... And this is where, I'm sure, Mikey's spirit wanders on occasion.