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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cycles of Change (a poem)

Cycles of Change
Written September 17th, 2011
We continue to spin around this star
Time rolls on
And makes us who we are

There’s this chill settling in the air
Reaching in to embrace my bones
And a whimsical breeze tosses my hair
As it whispers cold sinister secrets

There are crows dancing in our streets
And the ones who regret their lives
Look on with wide eyes of fear
They aren’t ready to die, not now, not here

There are crystals in my lungs
As I inhale the glass in the air
A layer of frost prickles my tongue
Everything is changing again

The trees are weary from a long year
With a heavy, grateful sigh
They turn to fire
Retreat within themselves and disappear

The night waits to kill the sun
If you watch it creep in, it takes forever
But as soon as you blink
You open your eyes to find the darkness has won

The warm hearthstones invite
Tempting like forbidden fruit
Soft flames chase away the seeping cold of midnight
The darkened stove waits to be brought to life

The children laugh and spin around
In the falling cascade of spiraling leaves
Within their fists candy can be found
And there are pumpkins blooming in their smiles

There’s a cryptic feeling in my heart
A misty nostalgia in my mind
I sense that something’s about to start
As I drift; detached from gravity

We continue to spin around this star
Time rolls on
And makes us who we are

Everything is changing again.

I got this weird, almost nostalgic feeling the other day when I was outside in the chill air. That kind of chill you feel in your bones that tells you fall is here. This is my attempt to describe it in poetic form. It's a little morbid... but I like how it turned out. It kind of relates the changing of seasons to life. What do you think?