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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stained (a poem)

Written July 18th, 2011
A familiar pair of eyes
Stare out at me from the computer screen
An image from the life you’re living
This very moment, somewhere, without me

And there’s this sinking feeling
Way down deep in my innermost core
I can’t look away from your face
While I remember the loss of something that could have been more

I can’t help but wonder if you think of me
If you reminisce and miss what we had
On the cold and rainy days
The days I used to keep you warm

This loss is unnecessary, icy, and cruel
A shooting star, so beautiful before it disappeared
Never to be seen again, burned up in the atmosphere
But the memory still burns on the backs of my eyelids

How does infatuation turn to hatred?
How does care turn to broken glass?
How does a heartfelt kiss turn to tears?
Why did your sweet lips drop lies into my eager ears?

You are there, a stain on my being
That I just can’t scrub away
The stain gets smaller, day by day
But it will always be there, no matter how much it fades

I wrote this in July but must have forgotten to post it... I just 'refound' it in my notebook.