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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Frozen Mornings (a poem)

Frozen Mornings
Written September 18th, 2011
The house retains a serpentine chill
That slithers down into the bones
It seeps out from the stone walls
And up through the icy wooden floors
That sting defenseless bare feet

We emerge from our sleep weary and worn
As though we never slept at all
Our knuckles swollen and slow
Inflated from the serpentine cold
We hide away beneath warm blankets
And pretend we never woke

The sky outside the window
Is too bright a blue
Framed by fingers of red, brown, and yellow
It had a tenseness as though it were made of ice
And may at any moment crack and shatter
And fall down upon the world below

The fire snaps and hisses
Breaking the serpent into sharp pieces
Melting the numbness from our fingertips
And the pale blue tint from our lips
The furniture gathers around the stove
And a floor of blankets sprawls outward from the hearth
A wisp of hot cocoa steam curls into the air
Clutch the cup tight to your chest
And hope the warmth will keep the serpent from invading there