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Monday, April 25, 2011

(Dear Marius) Auditorium (a poem, dedication)

Dear Marius
Written April 26th, 2011
It is dark
But we are all here
It is dark
But we are not scared
The audience seats
Are just shadowy shapes
Empty, from what we can see
But it is dark
So we can’t know for sure
Can we?
Some sit on the stage
The stage
Where you danced
And sang shamelessly
I sat in the audience that night
I was so proud of you
I always was.

I sit at the bench
Fingers at the keys
Smooth, soft, pristine
I press one, two
They don’t sing
They way they did
When you pushed them
But you pressed them all
At least once
So each crisp note
I hear in the air
Is not as beautiful
But still familiar
Each little sigh
Released from the strings
Holds a little piece of you
So while I cry
And want to scream
Because my clumsy fingers
Won’t mimic yours
I still press them
I still press them,
Your keys.

The keys to my heart
You are still playing them

It is dark
But we are all here
It is dark
But we are not scared
Because we know you’re there
Sitting in the audience
Loving the simple notes we play
More than the intricate symphonies
That were in your head every day

Mikey, I've found so far I feel closest to you in the auditorium. For the auditorium, it holds the very essance of your soul, I think. You're just everywhere, aren't you? Well, this is for you, Marius, and all our friends who spent time there today, in the pitch black, soaking up your presence. You were there, we felt you, we knew. And that's exactly why we were there. To be with you.
I remember this picture. You hit a disgusting chord in a song you were playing, and it grossed you right out :) You hated that fricken chord. And we just had to take a picture of your face. It was epic :) I love you Mikey <3