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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

When Tragedy Strikes (a poem)

When Tragedy Strikes
When tragedy strikes
There often is no warning
The soft sand on which you walk
Glittering with reflected sunlight
In a single step becomes sharp rocks
Beneath your soft and vulnerable feet

When tragedy strikes
You are often exposed and unprepared
The bowl of chocolate candies
In which your fingers reach
Abruptly turns to a writhing pit of snakes
Biting your hand and filling your veins with poison

When tragedy strikes
Our strongest beliefs are often shaken
The loyal domestic pet
Who sits at your feet and follows like a shadow
One day growls and turns to bite
Your hand when you stoop to give a friendly pat

When tragedy strikes
We are often as a loss as what to do
The warm summer sun
That bathes your skin with life
Shatters as the air freezes over
And you are left trapped in a glacier

When tragedy strikes
And the rain of the world falls on you
And your tears fall upon the world
It may often seem that you are alone
Without hope

But remember
There's a rainbow that comes
After each storm.

The result of an activity in creative writing club.