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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Strangers (thoughts)

Written April 2nd, 2011
     Funny how the world works.
     Before I lived with my dad, and only visited him on the weekends, I didn't know she even existed.
     After I moved and lived with him all the time, I got enrolled in the local school. That's where I met her, a fellow student.
     We hit it off almost instantly, and now here I am at a sleepover at her house, awake and trying not to make too much noise as she continues to drift in and out of sleep.
     Dad lives in a different house now, one town over form her. But our towns have a joint school.
     So here I am, just up the street from our old house, in her bed, writing. All those years when I came to visit Dad on the weekends, my best friend was just up the street! And I had no clue!

     Imagine her face, if I had waltzed up to the door, knocked, and announced "Hi! We're going to be great pals in a few years! See you then!"
     I wonder how many times on my walks to the gas station that we saw each other. Maybe she was riding her bike, maybe she was out on a walk too. We never would have given the other a second thought; she was just another stranger as I was to her.
     Can you imagine? Walking by someone you don't know, but is your future best friend? Walking by the person who you're going to have so many laughs and memories with? I feel like I'm in the twilight zone!
     It goes to show, you should always be ncie to strangers, and you should never judge them from appearance. We've all done it;
     "Look at her, in her tight shirt and gazillion inch heels, strutting around. Skinnny pretty bitch. She's probably an absolute skank/brat."
     "Nice comb-over, dude.... what a loser."
     "Oh my God... that group of guys is sooo annoying. Do they have to be so loud? Idiots..."
     You just never know. Fate could cr5oss your paths someday, and you might find that Skinny Bitch, Comb-Over Dude, and Loud Immature Boy are some of the coollest people you've ever met.
     Next time you pass a stranger and make eye contact, smile. Smile and say "hello", or, "nice day we're having." Something like that.
     Because you just never know who that person could be to you in a couple years.