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Sunday, April 3, 2011

This is for a Friend (a poem, dedication)

This is For a Friend <3
Written April 3rd, 2011
This is for a friend
Who means the world to me <3
Who I never get to see :(
This is for a friend
Who knows how to make me smile :)
Who appreciates my style :D
This is for a friend
Who doesn't love himself enough </3
Who is made of the best stuff :)
This is for a friend
Who drives me crazy :p
Who loves me for me :]
This is for a friend
Who I can tell most anything <3
Who thinks I'd make a lovely fling ;)
This is for a friend
Who reads everything I write :)
Who comes to my games, FIGHT RAIDERS FIGHT! :D
This is for a friend
Who I scold and yell at :/
Who still always comes back :)

To my dear friend:
I don't tell you enough
How much you mean to me
So I wrote this poem
Cuz that's what I do best ;p
So you can really see
How great you are :) <3

Me :p