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Saturday, April 30, 2011

(Dear Marius) Your Reality (a poem, a dedication)

Dear Marius
Your Reality
Written April 30th, 2011
The rain has ceased
The sky is blue and clear
The grass reaches high
And the birds sing without fear
Dancing from tree to tree
The world is waking up
With a long happy sigh

I can feel the warmth of your love
In the air all around
Persistent and consuming
Yet it makes not a sound
You may have left mortality
But you are still such a reality

I can feel your joy in the sunlight
In golden cascades falling down
I can see your smile
In the petals opening all around
I can feel your kind embrace
In the warm wind passing by

Your body is gone
Scattered in ash
But your legacy lives on
The story of your final act of love
Beats in our hearts strong
And I’m certain you’re still here.

You gave yourself to others
In every breath of your life
Taking on your shoulders
The world’s strife
You were the Atlas of pain
Dishing out love no matter the gain

Even now, with your breath cut short
My friend, you have found a way
To give more love every day
The end of your life
Marks the new beginnings
Of hundreds

As spring is in full
Healing the scars of winter
So is the beauty of your love
Causing the pain of your loss to hinder
Giving us the courage to go on
Without your mortality

Because in truth
You are still a reality.

Mikey my dear, the weather matches our feelings for you. After you died, and we were devastated, it wouldn't stop raining. Now that we are healing, spring is in full bloom, and it looks like its finally here to stay. I love and miss you Marius <3