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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Universe (a poem)

Written April 3rd, 2011
I sit here on this earth
Held down by gravity
Looking up at the Universe
Suspended over this world.
The stars above are sprinkled
Across the face of night
From down here I look up
Wondering if they are looking back.
The trees frame my vision
Their fingers reaching up
Catching stars among their branches
Casting silhouette patters on my house.
The wind rushes by
Wisps of cool air flitting across my cheek
Stirring the wind chimes to dance
Their soft music filling my ears.
I hear the thunder of the night train
Eating up the tracks as it travels on
Tirelessly into the night
Its eerie wail calling out into the silence.
I sing softly upwards to the sky
My words are carried away by the wind
And spiral up into the space
That encompasses the world around me
Maybe they’ll make it to the stars.
I am alone in this small niche on Earth
Reveling in the quiet and peace
Discovering another part of myself
While I lay here; surrounded by the Universe.