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Thursday, June 23, 2011

(Dear Marius) So Far Away (a poem, a dedication)

Dear Marius
So Far Away
Written on June 23rd, 2011
Two months after the death of Michael J. Hall
On April 23rd, 2011
The lips sing
Releasing the pain
The guitar notes sting
Harsh and lovely, against the grain
The fingers fly
Dancing on those keys
Trumpet call fills the sky
Sharp and noble, this musical plea

Playing these songs
Gives me some closure
On repeat
Over and over
You’re never coming home
But I know
It’s not over
And I’m not alone

The days die
Passing one at a time
Sometimes I still cry
At this terrible crime
The words slow
So much to say
But I don’t know
Quite how to convey

Two months ago today
The fire roared
And a spirit soared
A final smile as it flew away
Leaving behind a legacy
Of music and love
I remember every detail of that day
Yet you are still so far away

Playing these songs
Gives me some closure
On repeat
Over and over
You’re never coming home
But I know
It’s not over
And I’m not alone

It’s not over
And I’m not alone
Though you’re still so far away

Some thank you's are in arrangement for this one.
Thank you to my boyfriend, for introducing me to the song "So Far Away" by Avenged Sevenfold.
Thank you to Avenged Sevenfold, your song hit home. I'm sorry for the loss of The Rev, I can tell from your video that he was a special, amazing person. I recall a few of my friends being really torn up about his death and having no clue who he was at the time... well now I know. This song is a beautiful tribute to a lost friend and band brother.
Thank you to Liz, for reminding me that today is the two month anniversary. Also for her amazing late night conversation that left me inspired.
Thank you to my readers on Booksie, namely Brian W and Dannika Summers, who follow my Dear Marius series religiously. Your encouragement and kind words have lifted me up on my darkest days.
Thank you lastly to my sweet, sweet Marius. There are so many words to say about you, but I'll keep it simple for now. You were truly the greatest friend I ever had, and you helped me discover more of myself that I didn't even know existed. And I'm glad I returned the favor for you. You asked me to put you in my writing. Well Mikey my dear, here's a whole series just for you. I just wish it had been written under different circumstances. When I write things like these, sometimes I still can't believe that you're gone.
With love,
Faith (Ousma)