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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wolf Moon (a poem)

Wolf Moon
Written June 28th, 2011
Your children stay up late
Beneath the covers; wide-eyed they shiver and quake
Envisioning the stories told
Horrors about me; folklore of old
The full moon flies in the night sky
If they're just myths, why do you lock your door, why?
There's a drawer where you keep silver and holy water
Afraid I'll come snatch your son? Your daughter?
Beneath the pine shadows I roam
These dark mysterious woods I call home
Over your village these mountains leer
And when the cold fog creeps you shiver with fear
Have you heard my eerie howl at midnight?
Did you sit up in bed, filled with fright?
Is it visions of my teeth that keep you up all night long?
Or is it the lonely heartbreak in my song?
The ones I love think I'm dead
Better that than know the truth instead
You've outcasted me, called me a monster, among other names
You don't know the whole story, you're all the same

I watch over this sleepy town, a guardian from above
And all I ever asked in return was some spare love

Yet still I walk alone, save for the light of the wolf moon.
Inspired by the movie Red Riding Hood
I'm considering making this part of my Raise Your Voice series. Though I originally just wanted to tell a sad story about a werewolf, I've realized that the underlying meaning could fit the series quite nicely.