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Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Best Friend (a poem, a dedication)

My Best Friend
Written June 16th, 2011
My best friend
I know you well
Every fall and every swell
Missing you when I'm all alone
And not quite sure if I can make it on my own
My best friend
Always there when I need you most
There are no boundaries, from coast to coast
On the rainy days, when I'm down and blue
All I need is to think of you
My best friend
With your long loveable hair
The way your smile fills the air
We stay up and talk until late
Usually we agree, sometimes we debate
My best friend
You are my long lost twin
We're made up of the same stuff within
When something happens, you're the first I want to inform
You always receive it well, never with scorn
My best friend
You're going to exotic places
Going to accomplish and see many faces
Don't forget me while you're conquering the world
I'll always be rooting you on as your greatness unfurls

My brother,
My hero,
My best friend.

A poem for my best pal :) If you read 'Ice Cold', the character Mason represents the same person as the subject of this poem. Thank you, for always being there for me and being like the brother I never had.