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Sunday, June 12, 2011

(Raise Your Voice) Light Up Mommy (a poem)

Raise Your Voice
Light Up Mommy
Written June 12th, 2011
*chk* *chk*
Firelight flicker
Malicious embers glow
Burning up the poison
A serpentine tongue of smoke
Rising from your pale deprived lips
Slithering between your dying teeth
Coating your sickly yellow tongue
And torturing your withered lungs

All I can do is watch
I'm your growing child
Your flesh and blood,
Developed within your womb
Once a part of you
Now I observe
As you slowly starve yourself of life
Once flushed with color
And smelling of youth and flowers
You've paled and yellowed
And on your breath the rotting reek of death

And that satanic snake
Twisting and writhing in the air
Reaches my nostrils
And squirms inside
Powerless to stop it, I choke
Gasping for clean air
But instead I am filled with more
Of this malevolent carcinogen
And I can sense its evil grin
As it rips and tears within
Blackening and murdering my screaming cells
Once so pink and full
Now crumble and shrivel to sickened ash

So light up, Mommy, light up
*chk* *chk*
Cling to your fatal addiction
And don't even consider
How you're slowly killing your baby girl
Your flesh and blood
           A young heart full of love