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Saturday, June 11, 2011

(Raise Your Voice) Amy and Morgan (a poem)

Raise Your Voice
Amy and Morgan
Written June 11th, 2011
Everyone wants to know Amy,
Generous and sweet as can be
Wise for her age and a bright future ahead
Giving up her time to help others instead
She's the one to go to when you're feelin down
She always knows just what to say to turn that frown

But Amy doesn't see herself that way
Up late cryin after what happened today
Walking behind girls down the hall
She heard something not meant for her ears at all
"Amy is so damn fat,
Never seen anyone with rolls like that!"

Now she's looking in the mirrors
Into her eyes full of tears
Clinging to the beauty inside
But she can't ignore her body, hard as she may try
She wants to crawl out of her skin
And she wishes she was more like Morgan.

Morgan is known for beauty
Tan and thin with eyes deeper than the sea
Long silken hair, black as night
She won't give up her heart without a fight
She makes heads turn as she walks down the hall
Yet she doesn't have many friends at all

Her appearance is all they know
Any deeper, no one bothers to go
Quiet and solitary, emotionless as ice
She walks alone in this world of eyes
Lots to say, but with no one to confide
She's become and idol of beauty with nothing inside

Now she's looking into the mirrors
At her body, filled with fears
Clinging to the beauty outside
But she can't ignore her eyes, hard as she may try
She doesn't know how to set herself free
And she wishes she was more like Amy.

We are all beautiful in our own ways. It's our job to embrace them, and our flaws. If we accept ourselves, we can accept others. Stop wishing you were like someone else, and start growing on yourself. Because you never know if someone you idolize actually looks up to you too.