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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tinker Falls (review, rating)

Tinker Falls
Tully, NY
Hiked: June 18th, 2011
Reviewed: June 30th, 2011

Interaction: 5 stars
Scenery: 5 stars
Diversity: 2 stars
Accessability: 2 stars
Size: Small
Overall: 4 stars

Being younger and perhaps a little more adventurous, I personally loved Tinker Falls, and I really can't wait to go back.
Tinker includes a short, ten minute trail leading up to Tinker Falls; an elegant cascade that you can walk behind, and if you're careful, you can even touch it. However, there is a moderate climb involved to reach it that I would not usggest to the elderly, young children, or the handicapped. You can also continute to climb to reach the top of the falls for a splendid view, a fantastic picnic spot, and to access more trails. Again, I stress that these climbs are not reccommended for the people I mentioned. This is why I rated it with a low accessability; for those who are incapable of the climbs, your visit to Tinker will likely be short and disappointing.
The trail leading up the falls
 The creek along the trail
 At the base of the falls
 The climb up to the falls
 Tinker Falls
It looks small here, I guess it is much bigger in the spring than in the summer. However if it's a lot bigger in the spring, I don't know how safe it would be to get close to it at that time.

 At the top of the falls
I did not get a chance to hike all of the trails, but the one we did take (above the falls) was uphill the whole way and was tiring. But the view over Labrador Pond was definitely worth the sweat! My mother and I also had the luck to arrive at the overlook in time to see a group of hang-gliders take flight!

Lift off!
Is it a bird? A plane?

Tinker rated low in diversity because there isn't much else to do besides hike. Of course, there's hang-gliding, but that takes experience and training, it's not something you just decide to do one day on a whim.
Depending on who you are, you will love or hate Tinker. I absolutely adored it because of the challenge and the adventure, and you just can't beat the refreshing sensation of a waterfall on your skin.

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